Engage customers and boost sales with state-of-the-art online 3d product configurations.

Build trust and understanding between you and your customers, increase price premium, get higher conversion rates, increase customer loyalty, and save costs in stock and marketing by employing a top-notch 3D product customizer.

Here at PIXREADY we can create high-quality, efficient product configurations and adapt them to already-available inventory data. A powerful 3D product configurator offers your clients a complete understanding of the product by providing them with an interactive and engaging online experience. It enables you to be in charge of your and your client’s vision, co-design to match specific needs, and easily track and save costs.

Ecommerce product configurator

eCommerce product configurator

Do you want to increase the positive emotional connection to your products? Wish to grow revenue for B2C or B2B eCommerce, and reduce your stock burden? 3D product configurators help customers to be more involved in the customization of their goods and decrease the number of return requests.

We can give your business the flexibility to respond directly and instantly to product requests and reduce the production and storage of unsold stock. 3D product configuration creates an intuitive and engaging experience for your customers, enabling you to build trust and improve brand recognition. Our 3D artists have decades of combined experience in configuring photorealistic products and creating industry-standard 3D visual product configurator libraries.

3D Configurator for Manufacturers

Looking to easily configure products in high-quality detail? Do you want your products to be ready for immediate production using a drawing, sketch, or image? Or, maybe you want to be able to see the 3D version of the product from different angles? We offer comprehensive product customization services that eliminate the need to go through a tedious, never-ending, real production process.

Our 3D artists will enable you to present and promote products even before they have been put into production. We can include all parameters such as color, material, lengths, widths, heights, and any desired specifications. We can also create a photorealistic 3D product visualization within the website presentation, the surrounding environment of your choice, and more.

3D Configurator for Designers

Want to empower your customers to choose and customize interior and exterior products in the easiest and most interactive way? Looking to save time and money on constantly replacing materials and textures of items to match other interior and exterior design changes?

At PIXREADY we can develop superior 3D models for you to illustrate a wide variety of products available for sale or design usage. You can implement customer’s changes effortlessly and our team will show you exactly how these changes will affect the look as a whole.

3d configurator solution for your website

3D Configurator Solution for Your Website

Want to enhance your business by taking advantage of the best-in-class 3D and AR e-commerce tool? In partnership with Expivi, we can easily integrate a 3D configurator into your website and provide your customers with a unique way to configure, customize and personalize products in real-time.

Expivi is a simple-to-use cloud-based platform that revolutionizes online shopping practices. This platform allows manufacturers, brands, and retailers to integrate a 3D configurator within your e-commerce website.


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