Hoodsly’s Digital Transformation: A 3D Product Configurator Journey with PIXREADY

Explore how PIXREADY’s 3D Product Configurator revolutionized Hoodsly’s online customer experience, reducing returns.

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Hoodsly’s Digital Transformation: A 3D Product Configurator Journey with PIXREADY

Project details

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Transforming Customer Experience

Hoodsly, a leading custom wood range manufacturer from Denver, USA, partnered with PIXREADY to enhance their online customer experience. Facing challenges with their existing 2D configuration, they aimed to streamline the sales process and differentiate themselves in the market.

Hoodsly’s diverse product range posed a challenge, with over 46,656 product variations per style. The process required extensive documentation and project planning.

The collaboration resulted in a seamless implementation of 3D Configurator on Hoodsly’s website. The new solution provided customers with an interactive product showcase experience. Homeowners could now visualize and customize kitchen hoods in real time before placing an order.

The impact of integrating PIXREADY’s 3D Configurator was significant:

1. Reduced Product Returns: Enhanced visualization capabilities enabled buyers to customize and preview their kitchen hoods accurately before purchase.

2. Product Variations expanded from limited (13 colors) to 101,088 options: customers started to spend more time exploring and customizing their desired products.

3. Calls to Customer Support decreased: a noticeable change in calls to customer support indicated a reduction in inquiries and issues related to product customization, further streamlining Hoodsly’s operations.

The 3D Configurator improved Hoodsly’s product presentation allowing buyers to flexibly customize their kitchen hoods. The comprehensive selection of options improved customer satisfaction and increased user engagement, positively impacting Hoodsly’s overall business performance.

Client Testimonial: 

“The new 3D Configurator from PIXREADY has been a game-changer for us at Hoodsly. Our sales team has seen a real boost in conversions since customers can now easily visualize and customize our products. It’s made their decision-making process a lot smoother.

Our customer support team has also noticed a big difference. With the detailed product views and customization options available through the configurator, customers are finding the answers they need on their own more often. This means our support staff can focus on more complex issues and provide even better service.

Behind the scenes, the configurator has really streamlined our production process. Having accurate specifications and configurations for each order has cut down on errors and sped up our manufacturing time. It’s a win-win for us and our customers!”  - Ryan Hossan, Account Manager, Hoodsly



Step into Hoodsly's digital evolution with PIXREADY's 3D Product Configurator. Experience how this innovative tool transformed their online customer journey, reducing returns and enhancing customization options.