PixReady covers a full cycle of 3D visualization services to bring online your ideas and products easier and safer than ever.



We create 3D visualizations of furniture, rooms, and venues, real or imagined, configurable and still.


Any architectural object, existing or not, will be built into the scenes of your choice.



Our team will make an animated 3D version of any object to boost e-commerce businesses or create a whole new user experience for the digital users.

Furniture, Room, Venue.


Our first partner asked us to help with the 3D visualization of the furniture. It then became our first focus. We still believe that interiors is our core service.


Any Products, and Jewelry too.


Our clients use 3D visualization to provide their client with virtually personal buying experiences. Either used for advertising or within the showroom, the products cannot be more convincing and attractive than in 3D.



Email Us

Please tell us a few words about yourself and your business, what you would like to have, and when. We will be happy to share with you as much of relevant information as we have to proceed with your request fast.

Share Your Image

We will start with the first images you share with us and study all the reference materials. We then (1) create a model, (2) add a proper textures, (3) set up the lighting and (4) the camera, and (5) render the first sample of the future 3D visualization.

Check the Job

If you find the sample matching your expectations, we proceed with the final 3D visualization to create the stunning objects for your future use.