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PIXREADY specializes in transforming your concepts into stunning, lifelike 3D renderings for interior design, offering invaluable 3D visualizations that streamline project workflows, prevent rework, and allow for seamless plan adjustments before implementation. Whether you require outsourcing for 3D rendering services in interior design or aim to deliver captivating client presentations, we can be your trusted 3D visualization partner.

interior 3d rendering services for office space design

Promote Your Design Portfolio

Are you seeking to craft a captivating visual portfolio, elevating your website with striking images, or crafting captivating social media content? We understand the power of exquisitely designed 3D renders for interior spaces, which resonate far more effectively with clients than traditional CAD plans. At PIXREADY, we specialize in transforming your imaginative vision into photorealistic 3D interior visualization. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering the highest-quality designs, ensuring your marketing materials truly shine.

Create Custom Design Solutions

Do you want to showcase the beauty of your custom furniture or lights incorporated in interior design? 3D interior renderings give a true-to-life view of a custom solution within an interior space. They allow you to eliminate misunderstandings regarding your design ideas, providing buyers with increased familiarity and comfort with their purchase. Our creative 3D artists are always ready to translate your design into an accurate, photo-realistic interior visualization.

Expand Your Team's Capacity

Do you want to present your 3D interior design concepts and impress customers without expanding your in-house team? We support the idea of a client buying new expertise instead of hiring a full-time person to complete the task. Whether it is CAD drafting or 3D walkthrough animation, we’re happy to deliver. We maintain control over every aspect of your interior design project to present customized results that will exceed your and your clients’ expectations. When the deadlines are tough and you need to deliver, PIXREADY is here for you.


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Our process

Our 3D Product Configuration Process


Provide Input Materials

Share sketches, photos, CAD files, and exact measurements of your product. Submit brief specifications like sizes, materials, colors, textures, and add-ons. Include reference images or mood boards to showcase the desired look.


Initial Meeting

Meet with an account manager to discuss your project requirements. We’ll understand the purpose of the configuration, the products to visualize, and the desired style, format, and timeline.


Proposal Preparation

Based on the confirmed scope, we’ll prepare a proposal outlining the timeline, deliverables, and cost. Once approved, we’ll proceed with the project.


Scope Confirmation

PIXREADY creates documentation detailing the business rules for 3D web configurator logic and demonstrates relevant software options tailored to your project.



We’ll refine the 3d product configurator based on your feedback. Once the final version is approved, you can integrate it into your website.


Project Kickoff

We’ll start with a Proof of Concept (POC) configuration featuring limited options to ensure alignment with your vision. After the POC is confirmed, we’ll scale up and finalize the 3D configurator project, including two rounds of revisions within the budget.


What is 3D interior rendering?

3D interior rendering involves creating realistic digital depictions of interior spaces. It provides designers, architects, and clients with a visual preview of interior designs, helping them evaluate layouts, finishes, and decor choices before implementation.

What types of interior 3D rendering services are available?

Main types of interior 3D renderings are still renderings, interactive renderings, animated renderings, and virtual tours. From cozy living rooms to modern workspaces, we tailor every detail to bring your dream space to life.

How much do interior rendering services cost?

Our pricing usually begins at $400 for a basic interior rendering. 
Depending on the type of rendering required, and project details, the cost may vary. For a free quote tailored to your project needs, please contact us.

What is the timeline for a typical project?

A typical architectural interior rendering project can be completed within 2-3 days. However, the timeline may vary depending on the complexity, the level of detail required, and specific client requirements.

What tools are used for interior 3D rendering creation?

As a professional 3D interior visualization studio, we utilize industry-leading tools, such as Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Adobe Photoshop. Our team follows the latest technology to ensure high-quality photorealistic designs for our clients.

How to get started with a new project?

To begin your 3D interior visualization project with the PIXREADY team, send us your request here. We will assess your requirements and materials to craft a detailed proposal, breaking down the project scope and estimated costs.

What input materials do I have to provide to start a project?

To get started with an interior 3D rendering project, we typically require existing design elements, drawings, floorplans, design concepts, reference images, and your envisioned materials or finishes. Detailed input will help us create tailored renderings that align with your vision.

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