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Questions & Answers

Explore comprehensive answers to your visualization queries in our FAQ section, where PIXREADY will guide you through all the details of a 3D rendering project.

General questions

What is 3D visualization, and how can it benefit my project?

Think of 3D visualization as a supercharged tool that brings your ideas to life, making your project easier to understand, aiding in design decisions, and boosting your marketing efforts. It works by creating a three-dimensional representation of objects or scenes, adding depth and realism. It's like giving your project a visual upgrade, making it not just appealing but super impactful in presentations and marketing materials. Exciting, right?

What types of projects does PIXREADY specialize in for 3D visualization and animation?

We specialize in various projects, including architectural&interior visualization, product modeling and rendering, 3D product configurator service, 3D animations of products and interiors, 3D assets and virtual spaces creation, virtual tours, and more.

Where are you located?

PIXREADY (HQ in Luton, UK, and an office in Lviv, Ukraine) operates globally, catering to business clients worldwide from diverse geographical regions.

Project Scope and Type

Do you offer 3D animation services like walkthroughs, virtual tours, and product animations?

Yes, we provide a wide range of 3D animation services, including walkthroughs, flythroughs, virtual tours, and product animations.

Why would I work with you if I have an in-house team?

We bring an unparalleled expertise in 3D visualization that's a game-changer. Developing this level of skill internally can be quite the mountain to climb. Our top-notch project management, complete with a dedicated Project Manager for each 3D visualization project, ensures that your project not only meets but exceeds expectations, especially in those nail-biting scenarios with tight deadlines, expansive project scope, and sky-high client or investor expectations. Picture this: our reliable CGI contracting services seamlessly extending your team for 3D modeling and rendering. It's a quick, cost-effective solution that adds a touch of magic to your design or product visualization, and we're always here, ready to give your project that visual boost whenever you need it!

Project Preparation

How do I get started with a project at PIXREADY?

Starting a project at PIXREADY is a transparent process. Here's a quick guide:

1. Reach Out: Fill out our Contact Form or shoot us an email at Share your project details and requirements with us.
2. Let's Chat: Once we have your inquiry and any initial materials you can provide (like 3D models, sketches, or floor plans), we'll dive into an initial discussion to fully grasp your project's goals.
3. Project Dive: Following our chat, we'll thoroughly assess your project, considering its type, scope, and deadlines.
4. Proposal Magic: Next, we'll present you with a detailed proposal, breaking down the project scope and estimated costs. Once you give it the green light, we're all set!
5. Project Liftoff: With the proposal approved, consider your project officially launched! You can count on regular updates, dedicated project management, and our support with any materials or specifications you might need.

Our goal is to make your journey from inquiry to project execution with PIXREADY as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

What do I need to provide before the project begins, such as design concepts, blueprints, or reference images?

Providing design concepts, blueprints, or reference images can significantly help us better understand your project's vision and thus develop the most precise project estimation. For a comprehensive guide on materials that facilitate a successful start, download our Project Kickoff Checklist.

Can you work with incomplete or rough sketches if my project is still in the conceptual stage?

Whether your project is in the early conceptual phase or further along with a 3D model, PIXREADY is equipped to step in at various stages. It's worth noting that stepping in during the concept development stage may involve more work, so it's advisable to expect adjustments in the budget. Nonetheless, we excel at taking incomplete or rough sketches and transforming them into fully developed projects, ensuring your vision comes to life effectively.

How important are detailed specifications and materials for 3D visualization projects?

Drawings, 3D models, floor plans, materials & textures specifications etc. play a pivotal role in ensuring the precision and authenticity of visualization projects. Moreover, they are especially vital for our product configurator service, which enables customization of products with a wide range of variables, including materials, colors, and specifications. To access a thorough resource outlining the materials crucial for a successful project launch, simply download our  Project Kickoff Checklist.

Timeline and Deadlines

How soon can I expect the first results for my 3D visualization project?

During 1-3 days you will receive the first previews of the project. Large scale projects may require more time.

What is the typical overall timeline for a 3D visualization project?

Project timelines vary from 1 day to several weeks including the revision process and are typically influenced by project complexity. We'll provide an estimate during the initial discussion.

Can you accommodate tight deadlines or urgent projects?

Yes, we can accommodate tight deadlines, but it's best to discuss this during project initiation.

What affects the project timeline?

Lack of input materials and on-the-go changes, delayed feedback may impact the timeline, but we'll work with you to manage any adjustments efficiently.

Costs and Budget

How do you determine the cost of a 3D visualization project?

Project costs are based on factors like complexity of the 3D model to be created, sufficiency of input materials, project type (architectural, interior, product) and scope, required services, urgency, and quantity of renders (views) needed. We'll provide a detailed quote upon your request.

Are there additional fees for revisions or changes to the project?

Additional fees for revisions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, contingent upon the scope of changes. Our standard project budget includes two rounds of revisions, generally adequate for refining the visualization. For ongoing projects requiring further revisions, estimates can be provided based on an hourly rate.

Do you offer cost estimates or quotes before starting the project?

Yes, we provide cost estimates and quotes to ensure transparency and budget planning.

Collaboration and Communication

What is the communication process during the project, and how often can I expect updates?

Throughout your project, a friendly and dedicated Project Manager will serve as your one-stop communication representative. We uphold regular communication and furnish updates at predetermined intervals to ensure you are consistently informed about the project's progress and any developments.

Do I need to be actively involved in the project, or can you handle everything independently?

Your level of involvement is flexible, and we can adapt to your preferences.

Technical Details

What software and technology do you use for 3D visualization and animation projects?

For our 3D visualization and animation projects, we employ a suite of industry-standard software and technology, including tools such as 3ds Max, Corona, Substance, V-ray, Sketch-Up, Photoshop. These technologies collectively enable us to craft compelling and visually stunning 3D visualizations and animations.

What file formats will the final deliverables be provided in, and can I request specific formats?

Final deliverables are typically provided in standard digital formats, and you can request specific formats if needed.

Can you apply my existing brand style to a new 3D Visualization project?

Absolutely, we can align your existing brand style with your new 3D Visualization project. Sharing any relevant materials you have at the project's outset helps us ensure a seamless integration, allowing us to efficiently implement your brand's visual identity into the project.

Revisions and Feedback

How many rounds of revisions are included in the project, and what happens if I need more?

The number of revisions in your project may vary depending on its specifics. Generally, our standard package includes two rounds of revisions, which are often sufficient for perfecting the visualization. However, we remain flexible and open to discussions about additional revisions if the need arises.

What is the process for providing feedback and making changes to the project?

Our feedback and change process is facilitated through a dedicated Project Manager who ensures seamless communication. Throughout the project, we'll be reaching out for your valuable feedback, so we can keep refining and aligning our work with your vision. It's a teamwork thing, and we're all in!

Delivery and Final Products

How do you share final images? 

Final images are often shared through a secure cloud repository or other agreed-upon methods.

Client Satisfaction and Support

What steps are taken to ensure that the final project meets my expectations and vision?

To ensure that the final project aligns with your expectations and vision, we implement a comprehensive approach that consists of the following three key steps:
1. Project Estimation: We begin by conducting a thorough project estimation to establish clear objectives and align expectations.
2. Quality Assurance during Project Delivery: Throughout the project's development, our team maintains a stringent quality assurance process to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and alignment with your vision.
3. End-of-Project Feedback Evaluation: At the project's conclusion, we solicit your valuable feedback to evaluate the overall performance and ensure that the final product meets your expectations and requirements.

What support or assistance do you provide after project completion in case I have questions or issues?

We offer post-project support to address any questions or issues that may arise.

Payment and Terms

What is your payment structure, including initial deposits and final payments?

Our payment structure typically involves a 50% prepayment, with the invoice issued upon quote approval and expected to be paid within 10 days. The remaining 50% is typically due upon project completion. However, we understand that payment terms may need to be flexible, and specific details can be discussed and tailored to your project's needs during the initiation phase.

Are there any specific terms or agreements I should be aware of when starting a project with PIXREADY?

We will provide you with a clear agreement outlining project terms and conditions for your review and approval upon request. Additionally, we are open to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to safeguard the confidentiality of your project details before any information is shared.

Legal and Copyright

Who owns the rights to the 3D visualizations or animations created for my project?

All the rights typically belong to the client.


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