The Ultimate Guide to 3D Product Animation

What you must know about 3D Product Animation: how to create animations that will help you boost your sales and improve your bottom line.

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November 24, 2022
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3D Animation
The Ultimate Guide to 3D Product Animation

Product animation is a powerful marketing tool that can help you sell more products and services. By creating an engaging and visually appealing 3D product animation, you can grab the attention of potential customers and convince them to buy your products or use your services.

In this guide, we will show you how to create animations that will help you boost your sales and improve your bottom line. Let’s get right into it.

What Is 3D Product Animation?

3D product animation is a process whereby a three-dimensional image of a product is created and animated. This can be done in various ways, but the most common approach is to use computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create the 3D animation of products.

The advantage of using CGI to create 3D rendered models is that it allows for a great deal of flexibility and control over the final results. What sets product animation apart from other similar methods is hyperrealism. You can create super photo-realistic elements that aren’t distinguishable from the actual physical product.

But we’ll discuss many other benefits in this article, so stay tuned!

Who Needs 3D Product Animation?

3D product animation can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it can be used to create marketing or advertising materials, or it can be used to create training or educational videos. 

Additionally, 3D animation can be used to create demonstrations or simulations of how a product works or showcase immersive virtual reality experiences.

So, it’s easy to argue that virtually any modern business that wants to stay ahead of the competition absolutely needs to utilize the benefits 3D visualization of their products.

Why Is 3D Product Model Important for Business Promotion?

It’s simple - this type of product animation offers endless options. You can create anything and everything using advanced 3D animation technology. So let’s see how that translates to your business needs.

Communication with no limits

Sometimes, certain product features cannot be communicated easily through words or 2D object animation or photography. However, with three-dimensional animations, you can realistically depict all features with ease and convenience, allowing the customer to get a better picture of what they’re buying. 

One example of that is real-estate. Photos often fall flat and simply cannot showcase the beauty of a property or how all amenities line up and work together. 

By creating a simple 3D animated video of the property, you can give customers an interactive tour of the product, allowing them to move left and right, and up and down. This will give them the perfect idea of how big the space is and what the layout actually looks like.

Engage customers and increase sales

3D videos are simply more engaging and fun to watch. One example of this are 3D product configurators. This type of animation allows customers to have virtual product try-ons, ranging from clothes to furniture.

You can play around with different textures and materials, which customers absolutely love. It gives them a better sense of control, plus it results in fewer returns, because they know exactly what they’re getting from the start.

Explain anything better with 3D Product Animation

3D product animation is one of the most effective ways to explain complex products and processes. By creating a three-dimensional virtual model of your product, you can clearly illustrate how it works, its features, and how it can benefit your customers.

CGI animation can also be used to show off your product in its best light, highlighting its key features and unique selling points. By bringing your product to life in a way that is both realistic and engaging, you can really capture your audience's attention and get them excited about what you have to offer.

Types of 3D Product Animation Videos

One of the greatest things about 3D animation is its versatility. There are so many different types that you won’t have any issues finding the most suitable format for your needs. Below, we’ll explain each type and what they’re best suited for.

Launch video

A launch video is a perfect way to introduce a new product or service to the market. The product introduction should be short, sweet, and to the point, highlighting the key features and benefits of what you're offering. For example, if you want to do a new product demonstration, you should start with some appealing music, as well as eye-catching shots and animations of the product.

Explainer video

An explainer video is a great way to educate your audience about your product or service. It should be clear, concise, and informative, covering all the key points about your offering. Make sure to combine text, audio, and visuals for the best experience.

Storytelling video

A storytelling video is a great way to connect with your audience emotionally. It should be engaging and entertaining while still conveying the key message about your product or service. For example, you can use this format for product demonstration, or when you’re trying to have a bigger emotional impact on your customers.

Close-up video

A close-up video is a great way to show off the details of your product or service. It should be high quality and give viewers a close look at what you're offering. This format is especially suitable for realistic product models with many nuances and details. With 3D animations, you can easily zoom in and out, to highlight all important features.

Tips for Creating Product 3D Animation

If you have a product that is ready to be animated, there are a few things to keep in mind to create an effective and engaging 3D animation.

Make it real 

In order to make your photorealistic 3D product animation, you need to ensure that the animated objects and movements are accurate. This means that you need to use high-quality 3D models and textures. Additionally, the lighting and shading should be realistic, as this can greatly affect how believable the final animation is.

Use feelings with 3d animation

When you are creating a 3D product animation video, you should think about the emotions that you want to evoke in your audience. Do you want them to feel excited about the product? Or do you want them to feel more relaxed? The music and sound effects that you use can also play a role in setting the tone of the animation.


Your 3D product animation should be unique and stand out from the crowd. This means that you need to put your own spin on things. Think about what makes your product different and highlight that in your animation. Also, use a unique and eye-catching combination of colors, fonts, and sounds, to really entice the customer into becoming more interested in your product.

Put the focus on the product

The focus of your 3D product animation should be on the product itself. This means that the camera should be focused on the product and not on the background or other elements in the scene. Additionally, you should use close-up 3D view and angle changes to help highlight different features of the product.

Elaborate why your product is worth buying

In your 3D product animation, you should take the time to explain why your product is worth buying and show the product experience. This means highlighting the features and benefits of the product. You can do this through voiceover or text overlays. Additionally, you can use on-screen graphics to help drive home your points.

How to Choose a Quality 3D Product Animation Service?

When choosing a quality 3D product animated services, there are many factors to consider. Below are some key factors to keep in mind when making your decision:

  • The service price: While you don't want to choose the cheapest option available, you also don't want to overspend on this service. Get quotes from several different companies and compare prices.
  • The turnaround time: How quickly does the company produce animations? This is important to consider if you have a tight deadline.
  • The level of customer service: Do they seem professional and easy to work with? This is important because you'll work closely with them on your project.
  • Their portfolio: What kind of experience does the company have? Do they have experience animating products similar to yours? Check out their 3D product visualization portfolio before the consultation call.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing a quality 3D product animation service and you're sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

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