Everything About Real Estate Renderings [FAQ]

Elevate your real estate game with a detailed Q&A about real estate renderings. Learn how to stand out from competition with 3D visualization.

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December 3, 2021
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Everything About Real Estate Renderings [FAQ]

If you’re looking for a way to blow away your competition, score more sales, and improve your real estate portfolio, 3D renderings are your best bet.

The real estate industry is very saturated and the competition is stiff. If you’d like to be a part of the successful crowd, you must find creative ways to captivate your customers. 3D visualization technology comes with a wide set of benefits for your business and has the power to help you score more sales.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why real estate renderings are important, which benefits it comes with, and how much it costs.

  1. What is 3D Rendering in Real Estate?
  2. Why Are 3D Renderings Important In Real Estate?
  3. What Are the Types of 3D Real Estate Renderings?
  4. What Are the Benefits Of Marketing With The Help Of 3D Renderings?
  5. How Exactly 3D Visualization Services Can Help You Sell More Properties?
  6. How Much Do 3D Real Estate Rendering Services Cost?

What is 3D Rendering in Real Estate?

Real estate 3D renderings are used to create extremely detailed visual representations of a building, house, property, or residence. Real estate modeling is a great way to showcase any architectural object in all its glory.

It lets you create hyper-realistic representations of the interior and exterior, floor plans, or even 360-degree virtual tours. It can be used for properties that are in constriction or properties that are already completed.

Not only that, but 3D renderings for real estate also let you design and showcase additional selling details like the surrounding area, streets, trees, etc. It entails the use of advanced software combined with 3D design and rendering experience to create jaw-dropping designs that are very hard to distinguish from real life.

interior rendering for real estate, dining room visualization
Interior 3D Rendering by PIXREADY

Why Are 3D Renderings Important In Real Estate?

3D renderings are very important in real estate because they have a wide set of applications. Real estate is also a visual industry, meaning that you’ll need to use high-quality visual mediums for marketing and advertising. Here’s how you can use 3D rendering in real estate:

  • Real estate presentations – holding presentations for investors is that much more fun and immersive when you showcase jaw-dropping renders of the property. It’s a unique way to showcase a project from multiple angles and perspectives.
  • Marketing and advertising – you can also use renders for promotional brochures, posters, billboards, web pages, virtual walkthrough, etc. There’s no better way to attract customers than displaying high-end visualizations of your properties.
  • Portfolio – if you’re a real estate agent, consider spicing up your portfolio with some high-quality renders. You can even create 360 virtual tours so that you don’t have to do in-house visits every single time.
  • Virtual staging – instead of paying absurd amounts of money for a single real-life house setup, with 3D renders, you can create an infinite number of possibilities for your clients. You can change colors, textures, and furniture with ease, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. This always results in more sales.

What Are the Types of 3D Real Estate Renderings?

3D renderings can be used for almost all real estate needs and activities. This ranges from creating lavish visualizations of new houses, office models, and high-rise buildings to planning neighborhoods, parks, and shopping malls. These are the most common types of 3D real estate renderings:

What Are the Benefits Of Marketing With The Help Of 3D Renderings?

Good marketing depends on impactful visualizations, especially in real estate where appearances are everything. You can use renderings as real estate marketing solutions to skyrocket your sales. Here’s how:

Better Pre-Sales

Pre-sales are a great way to test the market and increase profits. However, it’s also a great way to hype up your new project and score more sales when it goes live. Visualization is a big thing during pre-sales because customers won’t have a way to experience the product in person. 3D rendering technology will give you a way to showcase your property or project in hyper realistic details, leaving your customers impressed and more likely to invest.

Inspires More Trust

Real estate photography is slowly becoming outdated because it’s very limited and can be deceiving. If you, for example, create a 360 walkthrough of the property or showcase high-quality 3D renders, your customer will be able to see all the ins and outs of the place. This inspired more trust and results in more sales and loyalty.

Better Emotional Impact

In real estate, you’re not only selling a property, but you’re also selling a lifestyle. You need to create a specific mood for each client and play on their emotions. You should paint a picture of how it would look and feel if they lived on your property. There’s no better way to do this than using 3D real estate renders. The crazy amount of details will leave them speechless and you can even create and change different interior design choices on the spot.

3D visualization real estate, exterior building landscape
Exterior Building 3D Visualization by PIXREADY

Better Details

3D rendering for homes is better than photography simply because it offers more possibilities. Photographs are still, lifeless, and highly dependent on perspective. They require lavish and complex setups, which are quite expensive. Plus, you have to hire workers to bring and remove the setup from the property. 3D renders, on the other hand, let you do anything and everything. You can choose different realistic textures, wall colors, furniture, and many other design details.

Displaying Surroundings

When shopping for properties and houses, customers are not only looking at the house itself but also what’s around it. For most buyers, it’s important to know more about the surroundings because it could impact their final decision. With renders, you can easily model the whole neighborhood and show how their property fits in.
Or, if you’re looking to build something, it’s a great way to see if it makes sense and how it looks from multiple angles, including the bird’s eye perspective.

How Exactly 3D Visualization Services Can Help You Sell More Properties?

Based on the above it is quite clear that 3D visualization technology is becoming irreplaceable in real estate. Rest assured that everyone who hasn’t jumped on the train yet will deeply regret it when their competition crushes them. Here’s why it’s so important to use 3D rendering to boost your sales and improve profits:


Real estate renders are highly-customizable. In the hands of the right 3D artist, your render can be fully complete in a couple of days, ready to be presented to investors. Because visualization technology is limitless, you can add as many lavish elements as you’d like to showcase the property in its best light. Your properties will start selling faster and your appointment list will become crowded.

Cutting Edge Details

3D renders are so realistic that you can hardly distinguish a virtual image from a real-life one. You can zoom in to see the tiniest of details, add different wall colors and textures to your properties, and include furniture and decor to create a warmer environment. Another benefit is that you can observe properties from multiple angles and perspectives, which can’t be done with photography.

Virtual Remodeling

Before you go in to buy paint, floors, furniture, and other materials, use 3D renderings to create a virtual remodeling scene. This will save you a lot of time and money on shopping since you’ll completely avoid having to measure everything and trying to figure out how it will fit. 3D renders will do the heavy lifting for you and let you create the most beautiful settings and interior decors.

Social Media

High-quality real estate renderings are also a great tool for social media marketing. There’s nothing better than sharing luxurious, high-quality images of your properties and projects for the public to enjoy. Your images will be shared, saved, and reposted which improves your brand visibility and online presence.

3D real estate renderings depict classic,sleek buildings
Exterior 3D Rendering by PIXREADY

How Much Do 3D Real Estate Rendering Services Cost?

Real estate rendering pricing is often confusing because there’s no exact formula that can calculate the costs before you consult with a rendering agency. A lot of factors are included in the price, which is why it can fluctuate a lot, depending on the peculiarities of your design needs.
Let’s discuss what exactly influences the price and explore some industry averages that will help paint a better picture of what to expect price-wise.

Factors That Influence the Price

There are two main things that influence the final price, namely:

  • Required labor – to create a high-quality render, you’ll usually need to enlist the help of multiple experts – project manager, 3D artist, and post-processing/photoshop artists.
  • Rendering time – this represents the time it takes for the computer to finish rendering your design. This depends on the level of complexity of your image or design – more details take longer to complete.

Pricing Strategies

Different companies offer different pricing models. However, the two most common pricing strategies include:

Per image pricing

This one is rather simple – you and the 3D house rendering company agree on a set amount of money for each rendered image. This is especially smart for smaller projects and businesses. However, this pricing model might not hold if your projects are too diverse and have different levels of complexity.

Per project/scene pricing

Per project/scene pricing is slightly more complex and requires detailed conversations, so that a customized quote would be created. Usually, you would give out detailed requirements for your project to the rendering company. Then, they would consult their team, and come up with a quote that includes all rendering costs and services required to complete the project.
This pricing model is common for big and complex projects that require multiple types of renders and usually includes a decent volume discount.
There is also a per hour pricing model but it is less common and not very practical.

Average Price Points in 3D Modeling for Real Estate

Architectural and new home renderings’ prices can differ, depending on the type and complexity of the project. However, we’ve analyzed the industry and found the common industry averages to help you get insight into what the market is like.

If you’d like to score the cheapest architectural 3D renders, then you can expect to pay $200-$350 per image. Not many companies would agree to this type of deal, but you can always hire freelancers or overseas companies to ensure a better price.

However, remember that architecture and styles are different across the globe and a lot of people oversell their skills. Going for the cheapest option without enough research may result in a poor-quality, unsatisfactory result. On the other hand, it could land you a decent, cheap 3D render.

Most commonly, you’ll come across prices that range between $400-$550. This is probably the most realistic average if you’re looking for a good quality-to-price ratio for basic models. The quality won’t be top of the line, but it will be more than enough to fulfill the basic needs.

A step above are services that cost around $550-$3000. These prices go for very complex projects that require a high level of detail. It’s most commonly found in deals with realtors, marketers, and architects. These are good for sales and design planning.

If you’d like to receive a hyper-realistic rendering with details galore, then you’ll have to go for the most expensive, high-end real estate rendering option that costs above $3000. So, if your project is very complex, say public parks or mega shopping malls, then your costs would land in this category.

You can opt to create an in-house visualization team, but that would be more expensive, especially if you don’t run any long-term projects. If you outsource the services, you’ll get a full-blown 3D architectural visualization team full of experts working on your project for a fraction of the price.

real estate rendering of the residential building
3D Architectural Visualization by PIXREADY


3D renderings are the future of real estate. They’ve been slowly taking over photography and we promise that, sooner rather than later, they’ll become the standard. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to modernize your business and score more sales.

So, if you’re looking for a 3D real estate rendering service, PIXREADY is your go-to. We do all types of architectural renderings. Our team is ready to take on even the most complex of projects and make your dreams and plans a reality.

Fill out a contact form and get in touch with one of our experts and learn how we can take your real estate business to a whole new level.

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