Everything About 3D House Rendering

Find out which 3D house rendering services exist, what should be included in the project, how much it costs, and how to effectively collaborate with a 3D rendering studio.

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May 30, 2022
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Everything About 3D House Rendering

3D house rendering has become an important way in real estate to visualize what a design will look like in reality. The final result of the project mostly depends on the provided context, materials, and lighting that will most accurately portray the desired home design. This allows property owners, architects, developers, and interior designers to diagnose any potential issues before construction starts but also make any necessary design changes.In this article, you will find out which 3D house rendering services exist, what should be included in the project, how much it costs, and how to effectively collaborate with a 3D rendering studio. Let’s get right into it.

What is 3D Rendering of a House?

3D rendering of a house is the process of creating a three-dimensional image of a house. This can be done with various software programs, but the most common program used for this purpose is 3ds Max. 3D rendering allows for a more realistic representation of a house than traditional two-dimensional drawings.It also allows the viewer to see the house from different angles, perspectives, and in detail. 3D rendering can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. For example, it can be used to help potential homebuyers visualize what a home would look like after it has been built.It can also be used by architects and engineers to get a better understanding of the construction process. Having a 3D walkthrough for real estate is beneficial for both clients and sellers because it gives buyers a clearer idea of what to expect.

3D house rendering, bathroom interior features with stunning realism
3D Rendering of a Bathroom Interior by PIXREADY

Benefits of 3D House Rendering Services

While there are many benefits of using 3D architectural rendering services, we’ve decided to highlight the most important ones below:

It Portrays Your Vision More Accurately

One of the major benefits that you will have from 3D house rendering is a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve. The design can be altered according to your feedback, which makes it even more appealing to the client. Professional 3D designers know how to implement the client’s vision properly without compromising on quality.

It’s Very Precise

Visualization has become the golden standard when it comes to any type of construction. The programs that are used today are very precise and offer a plethora of design options and capabilities. You can create different textures, light-sources, add furniture or wall paint – with 3D home rendering, the options are endless.

Increased Awareness About the Final Product

Lighting in 3D house rendering is crucial because it shows the full potential of the house under various degrees of illumination and brightness. This helps you a lot when it comes to fixing problems prior to construction, but also allows clients, buyers, and investors to see every property feature in amazing detail. Finding high-quality interior visualization services is crucial because the designer’s knowledge and experience can have a massive impact on the final result.

It Helps You Save Money

You can foresee any design issues before the construction ever starts, so you won’t have to spend additional funds on fixing problems. Because visualization software uses such precise and advanced technology, it will highlight any potential issues which you can fix within the software before starting the actual work.

3D rendering house exterior, capturing intricate details
3D Rendering of a House Exterior by PIXREADY

How Long Does It Take To 3D Render a House?

There isn’t a specific answer to this question. The execution time depends on the complexity of the project, funding, available information, and many other factors. Some real estate 3D renderings can be done in one day, while others may take months to complete.The length of time also depends on the capabilities of the computer that is being used for rendering. A higher-end computer will be able to render a 3D model much faster than a lower-end computer.High-profile commercial projects like parks, shopping centers, and arenas usually have a longer execution time than residential houses. In the end, everything depends on the type of architectural rendering you need.

How Much Does a 3D Rendering of a House Cost?

Each project and every client is different, making the price difficult to predict without any project specifications. It mostly depends on what you are looking to get out of the design and how complex the project is.Most 3D studios charge by number of renders, with prices ranging from $180 to $500 per render. For a simple 3D visualization of a single room, you can expect to pay around $1000, while a more complex rendering of an entire home could cost upwards of $5,000. If you're interested in getting a 3D rendering of your home, be sure to shop around and get quotes from multiple 3D renderings to find the best price.

3D rendering of house space, showcases various design elements of the wardrobe
3D Rendering of a House Wardrobe by PIXREADY

Benefits Of Collaborating With a 3D Rendering Studio

Working with professionals will always be considered better compared to doing it yourself or hiring an in-house team. It takes time to learn the software on your own, and hiring an in-house team comes with many other financial burdens. Here are some of the most important benefits of outsourcing 3D rendering services:

Speed and Reliability

When you are looking for residential rendering, hiring a professional studio is the most reliable option. Every studio has a process they follow and you can expect that the job is done correctly and on time. This becomes a crucial part when you have a short deadline, impatient investors, and potential customers waiting to see the final results.

Accurate Cost Predictions

There’s nothing worse than setting aside a budget for a project and later learning that you’ll need additional funding. Hiring professionals takes this burden away because they’ll be able to accurately assess how much money is needed for the project and let you know whether your budget is feasible or not. They can also make tweaks and changes to make sure that everything stays within your budget range.

It’s More Cost-Effective

Outsourcing photorealistic rendering services is a cost-effective approach for 3D house visualization for a couple of reasons. Let’s cover the most important ones:

  • You don’t have to hire an in-house team and deal with salaries and pension funds
  • You don’t need to create paper and plastic mockups, which also makes 3D rendering much more eco-friendly compared to older methods
  • You don’t need to provide additional office space

Working With a Team

If the project is complex and a lot needs to be done, working with a team that has experience is a huge benefit. They can delegate tasks and share the workload to make sure that the project is executed in a timely manner. For example, when they are working on CGI visualization for property development, they can split the work between a couple of team members to cut the production time in half.

Better Quality

Every studio is looking for professional designers that have a lot of experience to join the team. Specialized 3D rendering agencies have decades of combined experience working within the industry. They use high-quality, specialized software that produces industry-standard 3D images that are barely distinguishable from real-life photographs.

 house 3D rendering, lifelike representation of a living environment
3D Rendering of a House Environment by PIXREADY

Tips On Working Effectively With 3D House Rendering Studios

It’s always great to do some of your own research before hiring a professional. This will make both your and their job easier and you will get better quality renders. So here’s what you must pay attention to when working with 3D rendering studios.

Prepare In Advance

Knowing what you want is the best preparation you can have, but you should also be open to suggestions. You can prepare questions about interior design rendering, design ideas, desired features, and any other important information to make sure that you’re on the same page. Some questions you can ask include:

  • How fast can you finish the project?
  • What kind of property specifications do you need?
  • Will my budget be enough to cover the costs of this project?

Think About The Details

The details can include the resolution you want if the images will be printed in, adding real-life items to the design, the number of images, special features, and many more. The more details you provide the better, but make sure that your requests are realistic.

Frequent Communications

Designers might need your feedback about certain design aspects, so make sure you provide it as soon as possible. Or, if you have any questions about the progress of the project, you should always reach out to the design team to ask. Make sure to mention that frequent communication is important during the introduction meetings and agree on the frequency of updates you’ll receive from the design team.


3D house rendering is very important for the real estate business because it can increase sales drastically and optimize the whole construction process. We highly recommend outsourcing 3D rendering services because you’ll get a great combination of experience, professionalism, and industry-standard tools and techniques. At PIXREADY, we offer various types of 3D house renderings. Our team consists of industry experts who have worked on complex projects for decades. We take pride in providing our clients with unsurpassed service, and we would be thrilled to take on your project as well. Contact us to get a free consultation and discuss your project.

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