Surgical Precision: 3D Visualization for Medical Equipment

Discover PIXREADY’s partnership with a fast-growing surgical robotics company, Medical Microinstruments, from Pisa, Italy. Witness the fusion of cutting-edge 3D visualization and surgical precision as we revolutionize the training landscape for robotic surgery.

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Surgical Precision: 3D Visualization for Medical Equipment

Project details

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Visualizing Surgery Tools for Hospital Training

Medical Microinstruments, a dynamic surgical robotics company, approached PIXREADY with a specific vision. Impressed by our portfolio’s renderings, they sought our expertise to render operating rooms, showcasing diverse setups for various surgeries involving different equipment. They aimed to integrate these visualizations into their surgical simulator, a critical component of their training program for onboarding new hospitals and educating robotic surgery teams.

Project Challenges:

Medical Microinstruments faced the challenge of illustrating numerous setups for various surgeries, each involving distinct pieces of equipment. The complexity was in delivering images and animations of the realistic positions of the medical personnel working in multiple surgical scenarios.

Our Approach:

PIXREADY embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, leveraging our expertise in 3D visualization to craft intricate scenes. Our team delivered static images that captured the essence of each surgical setup and dynamic ‘zoom through’ video clips for a more immersive experience. PIXREADY’s solution unfolded in a three-step process:

1. 3D Modeling of Equipment, Environments & 3D People:

PIXREADY recreated the spatial dimensions and configurations of equipment and operation rooms, ensuring an accurate digital representation. This foundational step captured every detail, from the equipment layout to the nuanced surgical settings, laying the groundwork for a compelling visual narrative.

2. Crafting Photorealistic Renders:

Following 3D modeling, PIXREADY’s team crafted photorealistic renders of the surgery equipment in diverse scenarios. Employing advanced rendering techniques, the team brought the conceptualized designs to life with unparalleled detail, realistic textures, and precise lighting. The goal was to provide visuals showcasing the equipment’s essence and offering a lifelike preview for informed decision-making.

3. Weaving Immersive 3D Animations:

The integration of technology created a dynamic and interactive experience for users. Clients could virtually explore the surgical setups, gaining insights into the functionality and placement of the critical equipment. We ensured the content was in a format compatible with integration into Medical Microinstruments’ surgical simulator developed by VirtaMed.

Medical Microinstruments received a comprehensive set of visual assets that will play a pivotal role in their training program. The renderings and ‘zoom through’ video clips provide an immersive understanding of different surgical scenarios, aiding in the positioning of equipment during robotic surgeries. This collaboration has enhanced the visual representation of Medical Microinstruments’ products and elevated their ability to engage and educate clients.

Client Testimonial:

“This partnership was fantastic! Their responsiveness and commitment to delivering top-notch quality was exceptional. We were pleasantly surprised as the PIXREADY team moved swiftly, ensuring all deliverables were on point and on time. This project will be instrumental to our training program as we onboard new hospitals and teach the robotic surgery teams how to position the equipment.” - Jamie Milas, VP of Customer Enablement,  Medical Microinstruments, Inc.



Experience the future of robotic surgery training: witness the transformative impact of PIXREADY’s 3D visualization on Medical Microinstruments' product presentation and training robotic surgery teams.