3D Makeover for Industrial Packaging supplier, USA

Discover how PIXREADY transformed Greif, Inc.'s industrial packaging catalog with cutting-edge 3D visualization, enhancing customer engagement and marketing impact.

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3D Makeover for Industrial Packaging supplier, USA

Project details

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Showcasing Packaging for E-Commerce

Greif, Inc., a global leader in industrial packaging, faced a challenge in showcasing their diverse product catalog for B2B clients in multiple plant locations. Traditional methods fell short in capturing product versatility. PIXREADY stepped in, creating a tailored solution for five plants, incorporating over 1000 products.

Key Service Components:

1. 3D Modeling: PIXREADY crafted a library of unique 3D models, offering over 600 product variations.

2. Product Management: PIXREADY’s team took over all the micromanagement to streamline the process, ensuring timely project completion.

3. E-commerce: Collaborative work on a shared scene resulted in the launch of an e-commerce project, enabling customers to find the right product variation for their specific requirements.

The collaboration revolutionized Greif’s marketing efforts, providing a visually stunning and consistent e-commerce catalog that improved customer engagement.



Witness the Power of PIXREADY’s 3D Visualizations for Greif’s Product Showcase.