How to Start Manufacturing Business With the Help of a 3D Product Configurator

When you think how to start a manufacturing business and which tools you might need, consider a 3D product configurator to boost efficiency and profitability.

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February 16, 2023
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How to Start Manufacturing Business With the Help of a 3D Product Configurator

Learning how to start a manufacturing business is no small task. To be successful, it requires thorough planning and research to determine the market demand for the product or service you wish to provide.

You must also consider the cost of labor, raw materials, equipment needed for production, storage space, transportation needs, and other overhead costs. Many manufacturing companies find clever business ideas like using a 3D product configurator to make this process easier and more efficient, which we’ll also discuss a bit more in-depth in this article. Let’s get right into it.

What to Consider When Starting a Manufacturing Business

Starting a manufacturing business can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It requires careful planning, research, and dedication to ensure success. In order to get your business off the ground, there are several key factors that you should consider before taking the plunge. By understanding these basics, you’ll be well-prepared to take on any challenges that may come along with establishing your own company.

  • Identify Your Market: A manufacturing business must identify the target market for its product and develop a strategy to reach that market.
  • Develop a Business Plan: Creating an accurate and detailed plan of your company’s future is necessary for any successful business. The plan should include not only financial projections but also a description of operations, management, marketing plans, and other information related to running the business.
  • Secure Financing: Securing funding can be one of the most difficult aspects of starting a manufacturing business, as banks are often hesitant to loan money in this industry due to its high startup costs and long debt cycles. Consider all financing options available such as grants or venture capital funds before making any decisions.
  • Invest in Quality 3D Product Configurator: A product configurator allows business owners to customize and design products to meet customer needs, quickly and accurately. This kind of software helps businesses create unique products that can meet the specific needs of their customers. Product configurators also help reduce the time and cost associated with product development, allowing companies to produce more products in a shorter amount of time.
  • Choose the Right Location: Finding a suitable location for your manufacturing business is essential to its success. Consider factors such as access to resources and transportation networks, proximity to potential customers, and availability of skilled labor when selecting a location.
  • Develop an Effective Distribution System: Once the product is produced, you’ll need an effective distribution system that can get the product to customers in a timely manner. This can include establishing relationships with shipping providers, setting up your own transportation network, or using third-party logistics companies.
  • Establish Quality Control Procedures: Quality control procedures should be implemented during every production process to ensure that the product meets all specifications and customer expectations. Carefully document each procedure and regularly evaluate them for continuous improvement of your manufacturing process.
  • Monitor Your Finances: Keeping track of your finances is essential for any business, particularly a new manufacturing business with high startup costs and long debt cycles. Regularly monitor cash flow, inventory levels, accounts receivable/payable, profits & losses, and other financial indicators to ensure the health of your company

What Can 3D Product Configurator Accomplish for Manufacturing Businesses?

A 3D product configurator is used to automate processes associated with creating products from designs provided by customers. One of the main 3D configurator benefits is that it allows manufacturers to quickly create prototypes and evaluate them through simulations before beginning actual production. Let’s explore other ways in which 3D product customization can help your business.


A 3D product configurator is an invaluable tool for manufacturing businesses. It enables them to quickly and easily customize the design of a product and visualize it in three-dimensional space, giving customers a better understanding of how the product will look when finished. By allowing customers to interact with the product before it is created, companies can reduce customer returns and improve customer satisfaction.

In addition, manufacturers can use the technology to create virtual prototypes that allow them to test out different designs without having to build physical prototypes, reducing development time and cost while still ensuring quality products.


Another major benefit of implementing 3D product configurator technologies is its ability to speed up the production process significantly. By streamlining the designing, prototyping, and manufacturing processes for customers, a 3D object made by a product configurator can reduce the time it takes to create new products and get them to market. This allows manufacturers to capitalize on changes in trends or customer demands more quickly, giving them an edge over competitors.


In addition to speeding up production, using 3D product visualizations can increase the accuracy of 3D models when compared with traditional design methods such as CAD modeling. By allowing customers to interact directly with the product they are designing, manufacturers ensure that all of their requirements are being met from the start, eliminating costly mistakes later down the line.

Easy Customization

As well as its ability to improve accuracy and speed up production time, a 3D product configurator can also be used to increase the level of customization available to clients. By allowing customers to design their own products from scratch, manufacturers can create products that are tailored to a customer’s exact specifications and individual tastes, giving them an edge in the market. Plus, it’s an extremely photorealistic type of 3D rendering, allowing customers to really get a feel for the product.

Cost Reduction

Finally, implementing a 3D product configurator can also help manufacturing companies reduce their costs. By streamlining the production process and eliminating unnecessary steps, companies can save money on materials, labor, and energy costs while still delivering quality products to customers quickly.

This not only increases profitability but also allows businesses to invest more resources into other areas of the business such as research and development or marketing efforts.

Reasons Why Investment in Configurators Is Profitable

The investment in a 3D product configurator is often seen as an initial expenditure, but it can also be profitable in the long run. A configurator allows manufacturers to reduce their production costs by eliminating manual labor and allowing products to be manufactured with greater accuracy and consistency.

This leads to higher customer satisfaction rates, which generally leads to more sales for the business. Additionally, configurators can improve productivity by speeding up process time and reducing unnecessary waste so that manufacturing firms can focus on creating quality products at a faster rate.

Overall, investing in a 3D product rendering service is beneficial for manufacturing businesses as it streamlines processes while increasing efficiency and profitability. A configurator will help businesses save money in the long run by reducing labor costs and increasing customer satisfaction, while also allowing them to create products more quickly and accurately. Therefore, manufacturers should seriously consider investing in such a tool to help take their business to the next level.

How to Choose the Best 3D Product Configurator Service?

When it comes to choosing a 3D product animation service for your business, there are several factors you should consider. We’ve compiled a detailed list of things to check before you sign a contract.

  • Analyze the features of the 3D product configurator service: Consider what types of products can be configured, how user-friendly is the interface, does it require coding expertise and any other features that may be important to you.
  • Check reviews and customer feedback: Look for customer reviews or ratings from people who have used the service in order to get an idea of its quality and effectiveness.
  • Find out if there are free consultations available: It’s best to discuss a service before committing, to evaluate it properly and see whether it’s a good fit for your business.
  • Compare different providers: Research multiple 3D product configurator services in order to find one with the features and price that best suit your needs.
  • Consider customer service: Make sure that the provider offers good customer service in case you have any questions or issues with the product configurator.
  • Determine pricing plans: Check out what different types of pricing plans are available from various providers, as well as how much customization is allowed under each plan.
  • See if training is included: Some product rendering services offer training for using the manufacturing product configurator, so inquire about this if you think it’s necessary.
  • Review contracts carefully: Before signing a contract, read all of the fine print to make sure there aren’t any hidden fees or clauses that could be costly down the line.
  • Ask for references: Ask the provider for customer references or a visualization portfolio to get an idea of how they’ve handled similar projects in the past.

Watch this demo and learn more about 3D configuration possibilities:

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