3D Interior Design Renderings [FAQ]

Explore the world of 3D Interior Design Renderings in this comprehensive FAQ, showcasing the revolutionary impact of realistic property presentations.

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January 24, 2021
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3D Interior Design Renderings [FAQ]

If you’re an interior designer who’s looking to improve their business by using high-quality 3D renderings, here’s a comprehensive guide. This technology has revolutionized the way interior design works because, up until now, we were unable to create such realistic property presentations.

However, since this field is rather new, we understand that you might have a lot of questions about it. So, we’ve decided to create this FAQ and cover everything and anything that’s related to 3D interior design rendering.We’ll talk about the benefits it brings for your business and your customers, we’ll share tips on how to nail your presentations using renderings, and we’ll discuss whether it’s smart to outsource rendering services.So, if you’re wondering how to make interior design renderings and whether this is a good option for your business, then this article is perfect for you.

What Is Rendering in Interior Design?

Renderings are used in the interior design process since they allow you to showcase all elements in extremely realistic environments. Interior designers usually commission the services of professional property CGI designers to ensure that their idea comes to life.

Interior design rendering includes a combination of practical and aesthetic elements. It shows how you position certain elements, and it allows you to use parameters that are factual in real life. So, to conclude, rendering in interior design means creating a photorealistic image of a room or a property that hasn’t been built yet.

interior rendering of the restaurant in an inviting and stylish design
3D Interior Design Rendering of a Restaurant by PIXREADY

Why 3D Interior Design is Gaining Popularity?

3D interior design is gaining massive popularity because it’s the most realistic technique the market currently offers. You can design elements and include hyper-realistic details, decor, elements, colors, and textures. It also makes the whole sale process much easier and convenient. Lastly, 3D rendering is currently the most flexible way of creating elements since it allows you to share designs with your clients back and forth, ensuring that you understand each other and communicate well.

What Are the Advantages of 3D Renderings for Customers?

3D rendering is great for everyone - a commercial interior designer or their customers. In this section, we’ll showcase the benefits of 3D interior design modeling for customers:

  • Easier understanding - customers are usually not experts in this field, which is why it’s important for designers to showcase their ideas in the most understandable way possible. 
  • Easier editing - because everything either runs through the cloud or has online integrations, designers and customers can communicate more easily. You can make realistic edits in real-time, ensuring that you’re both satisfied with the final outcome.
  • Better visualization - 2D just doesn’t have the power to depict a scene in such detail like 3D rendering does. It gives you a realistic overview of the space, elements, how they’re placed, how much free space there is, how the space makes you feel, etc.
3d render interior design of the gaming space integrates both functional and aesthetic elements
3D Interior Design Rendering of a Gaming Space by PIXREADY

How Can 3D Renderings Help Your Interior Design Business?

As we have discussed before, 3D renderings’ popularity has massively increased in the past couple of years. Currently, there’s no better way of showcasing planned properties. And, it looks great in your interior design portfolio. It displays the most detail and the results are true-to-life. Here are the five main benefits that come with using 3D interior design renderings:

  • Cost-effectiveness - it helps identify potentially costly mistakes in the early stages of development. You won’t have to waste any extra funds on redoing elements or rebuilding stuff.
  • Convenience - you can easily share designs back and forth between the designer and the client. You can receive feedback and react immediately.
  • Customer satisfaction - customers are usually scared before they don’t know what the final outcome will be. Drawings are one thing, but the reality is much different. With 3D rendering, though, you can see the end result in the beginning. Customers love that.
  • Improves sales - consequently, it will help generate more sales. You’ll be able to showcase your vision in a clear way that is understandable to the customer, and it will also show that you’re prepared to react and make edits on the spot.

What Types Of Renders Will Help To Win Interior Design Project Presentations?

If you’d like to score more jobs and impress clients with your presentations, you have to make your renders perfect. There are different types of design rendering services, all of which are equally important for your presentations. Below, you’ll find the most important things to remember, as well as some tips.

Interior Design Living Room Renderings

Professional living room interior design renderings are a great way to score some points in your presentations. When you create your interior design project, remember that living rooms are a space for relaxation and comfort. And, people usually invest in interior design services for their living rooms because this space is very important for them.

Make sure to highlight the amount of free space, think about the lighting, and use stylish furniture. Details are the most important, though. They liven up the whole space and show that you cared enough to include them. Use stuff like vases, flowers, carpets, drapes, etc.

 rendering living room, strikes a balance between comfort, functionality, and style
3D Interior Design Rendering of a Studio Living Room by PIXREADY

Living Room Studio or Concept Space Renderings

Studio spaces are difficult because they’re harder to diversify and plan out. However, you should use visualization to ensure that the customer understands your vision - we know how difficult studios can be. Use furniture to create different spatial sectors within the studio, introduce a lot of natural light, and use texture to separate walls.

Kitchen 3D Interior Design Renderings

Professional interior design renderings for kitchen space are among the most complex to create. This is true because kitchens have so many things to consider - storage space, appliances, choosing correct and durable materials, and organizing the space efficiently, leaving enough room to move around. Make sure to show off different options and angles, and use kitchen design art to make your visualizations and renders more appealing. Create a story and not just an image.

3d interior design renderings, meticulously crafted to create functional kitchen space
3D Interior Design Rendering of a Kitchen by PIXREADY

Architectural Rendering for Bedrooms

Just like living rooms, interior design for bedrooms is very important because customers view this space as a sanctuary. So, it is important to create a certain mood in your bedroom renderings. CGI for bedroom design can be used in a plethora of ways. Don’t forget to include small details, lamps, and other decor items that will enhance the space.

Bathroom Interior Design Rendering

Bathrooms are similar to kitchens in the sense that both of them require careful and thorough planning. Plus, bathrooms are usually smaller than kitchens, which is why they’re more difficult to plan out. Don’t forget to include enough storage space, and place design elements and appliances so there’s enough space to move around. Make sure to combine the best of both worlds - beautiful aesthetics and practicality.

rendering for interior design, showcased bathroom with clean lines, and a minimalist aesthetic prevail
3D Interior Design Rendering of a Bathroom by PIXREADY

What Are the Best 3D Rendering Software Tools For Interior Designers?

If you’d like to create photorealistic renderings, you can’t just use any interior design software. Since the software market is becoming overly-saturated, we understand that making a final decision on which software to use can be difficult. To make things easier, we’ve made our selection of top interior design rendering software.


SketchUp is a software option that isn’t aimed at interior design, but allows you to create 3D interior design renderings that are of great quality. It’s suitable for designers of all types. Some advantages of using SketchUp include:

  • Easy-to-use and it’s suitable for beginners
  • A wide variety of pre-made 3D models that can be picked and added
  • Its base program is free
  • It works great with other design software

SU Podium

This interior design renders software is best when used in combination with SketchUp. This software option was specifically designed to work natively as a part of other modeling programs. It also offers a premium version. Some important features include:

  • Access to 3D render-ready models
  • Multi-threading
  • Cross-platform accessibility


Photoshop is a versatile tool that can be used in 3D interior design rendering and space planning as well, believe it or not. Although Photoshop might seem complicated, it’s smart to learn to use this tool because it has a crazy number of applications including interior renders.

  • Adding lighting effects
  • Adding texture
  • Editing people
  • Creating and modifying furniture
3d room rendering depicts dynamic and immersive atmosphere
3D Interior Design Rendering of a Playroom by PIXREADY


Roomsketcher is a tool that was specifically designed for interior design rendering services. It has a great user-interface that lets you do a plethora of activities, such as:

  • Creating floor plans
  • Create high-quality 3D visualizations
  • Use presets
  • Transform 2D interior design renders to 3D

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is yet another awesome interior design render software that is among the most comprehensive on the market. Designers will have a plethora of options to use, making this a great option for anyone. Key features include:

  • Immersive 2D and 3D design
  • Pre-made catalogs with over 3000 items
  • Customize furniture size


VRAY rendering software is a great option for larger businesses that handle multiple clients at once. It’s pricier compared to some other interior design render software, but it offers a wide variety of features, such as:

  • Quick frame rendering
  • It offers great collaboration features that allow designers to communicate and share work with other people on the team
  • It offers integrations with other interior design 3D rendering software like 3DSMax and Sketchup
  • It offers a comprehensive library
  • It allows you to create hyper-realistic interior design renders


Blender is one of the most popular professional interior design rendering software options. Recently, it has dominated the market and the popularity is only increasing. This option is suitable for medium-sized businesses and independent contractors. You can use it for simulation, modeling, as well as animation. Key features are:

  • A wide variety of libraries, character downloads, comprehensive tutorials.
  • Choose different textures - clouds, wood, etc.
  • It doesn’t require licenses and payments
  • Can be used for character modeling, 3D print design, VFX, and digital drawing.


This is yet another popular interior design program that comes with an impressive set of features. This open-source tool is customizable, and it is completely free of charge. Key features are:

  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners
  • Good for photorealism and animation
  • Has a massive community that is open to sharing tips and tricks.
3d render interior design, dining area blends timeless elegance with modern comfort
3D Interior Design Rendering of a Dining Area by PIXREADY

Why You Should Outsource Interior Design Rendering Services?

If you’re debating whether to hire interior renderings designers or to create an in-house team, here’s what you should do.If your company is small to medium-sized, or you work as an independent contractor, then outsourcing interior design rendering service is the smartest move. It makes sense for massive enterprises to create in-house teams because they have the financial means to support it.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, is much less expensive and it offers you just as much control. You don’t need to invest extra funds in retirement plans, benefits packages, and extra office space. Instead, you should commission a high-quality 3D design company that will do all the difficult work for you.At PIXREADY, you can outsource 3D modeling services for any type of architectural design project. We do both interior and exterior renders, and we even do product design. Our team consists of top-notch industry experts with decades of combined experience working in this industry.If you think that 3D interior design rendering is for you, contact us now and share your ideas and projects. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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